Geberit Safety System

Geberit Occupational Safety Policy

  • The health and safety of our employees have highest priority. All accidents and work-related illnesses are avoidable.
  • We strive for a zero accident rate.
  • We want to belong to the safety leaders in our industry.
  • We continuously improve ourselves and set ambitious goals.
  • We adhere to relevant occupational safety regulations and go beyond this minimum.
  • We have clear occupational safety principles and site-specific rules of behavior.
  • The adherence to these principles and rules is the duty of every single employee and will be lived out and strictly demanded by the whole management.

Geberit Safety Principles

  • Occupational safety is a part of every employee’s responsibilities; all safety and behavior rules must be followed. Rule violations are subject to disciplinary actions. Superiors are role models, ensure awareness, and continuously train employees. They strictly demand occupational safety and regularly address this issue.
  • Unsafe conditions are to be noted immediately and/or eliminated.
  • Occupational safety staff support the work of their superiors.
  • All accidents are analyzed systematically, measures identified and implemented, and their effectiveness checked.
  • Regular internal and external audits by management or specialists will be carried out, across all plants.
  • Occupational safety is an integral part of shopfloor meetings, shift handovers, and other management meetings.