Environmental Policy

Conserving resources

We are an environmentally conscious company that has been committed to careful handling of energy and natural resources for many years. Through our diverse activities and forwarding looking dealings, we contribute to reducing global CO2 emissions, pollution and water shortages.

Continual improvement

Within the context of our environmental management, we set ourselves clear objectives, thus enabling continual improvement of our environmental performance. We include environmental criteria in all activities and decision-making processes.

Exceeding statutory compliance and other requirements

We abide by the law and go beyond minimum requirements. We meet other requirements relating to environmental aspects where applicable.

Employee training

We train and create environmental awareness in our employees in terms of environmental aspects. We also involve customers, suppliers and other interest groups in this commitment. Only through joint efforts can this responsibility be borne constructively and lead to genuinely sustained development in the long term.

Lived Sustainability

We condemn ruthless profit at the expense of the environment. Instead, we strive to achieve a harmonious balance between business, environmental and social goals.
Quality Policy


As employees of The Chicago Faucet Company, a member of the Geberit group, we acknowledge that quality and continual improvement is the responsibility of each of us as team members of the business. We will use our customers' expectations to define the quality of our products that we endeavor to make intrinsic in our designs, materials, and processes.

Continual improvement

To accomplish this goal we will develop and adhere to an environment of continuous improvement throughout all of our businesses.

Customer expectations

In support of this quality policy, the management team pledges to provide directives and leadership which emphasize our customers' expectations for our products as the first priority in all functions of the business and will supply the resources required to train our employees in methods for continually improving our quality level.

Compliance with requirements

We will develop and document h2 procedures focused on customer satisfaction throughout the business, utilizing and complying to the ISO9001 system and other requirements.

Review of objectives

We will regularly review and measure our businesses to ensure that we are adhering to the procedures intended to guarantee quality for our customers.
Environmental and Quality Policy - English PDF
Environmental and Quality Policy - Spanish PDF