Commander Handheld for PALM

Commander™ software for PALM devices allows tool-free faucet control for Chicago Faucets' HyTronic™, E-Tronic™ 40 and Galileo Series of Electronic Faucets and Geberit Electronic Flushometer Valves (available on valves shipped after August 1, 2005 displaying the Commander™ logo). Quick and easy infrared control means you can change settings, check batteries, scan for fittings requiring attention and perform diagnostics and field maintenance - all at the touch of a button.

Save maintenance time and money - Geberit Commander is the only tool you'll need.

The following PDA models are not compatible with Geberit Commander™ and should not be used with this software.
  • Palm Zire 21, 71
  • Palm Tungsten T, T2, E

PDA Technical Specs
Galileo PDF User Guide
Geberit Flush Valve PDF User Guide
HyTronic PDF User Guide

Commander ™ Software Downloads:
Desktop Application
Handheld Application